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Testbed For Food Sustainability Gum-Ma Soybean

We had set-up Gum-Ma Soybean as a Test-bed Project that led to Nutri-Buddy. There, we strived to make sustainable living accessible to everyone through our soybean-based products. by using the versatility of soybean while promoting good health, nutrition and reducing our environmental footprint. Find out more about our journey here.

An extract from the testbed
testbed logo
Making Vending Machine Purchase

Data Analytics Births Nutri-Buddy

While operating in Gum-Ma Soybean, we collected data on the (1) needs, (2) wants, (3) preferences, (4) awareness, (5) accessibility [time, distance & affordability] - of Singaporeans when it came to perceiving and gaining access to Nutrition.


From the gainful insights, we set the blueprint for Nutri-Buddy and Nutritional Food Smart Vending Machines. Our mission is to bring nutrition to every person who needs it in various forms, across a few phases of project.

We Stand On The
Shoulders of Family

Nutri-Buddy's mission to bring health to the lives of Singaporeans with Nutritional Food vending machines could only be realised by an extended network of like-minded people and businesses who have given us the grit and tenacity to forge ahead as we continue to enhance our nutritional food options and smart vending machine technology.

A pictiure of the project team and suppliers

About Us

We partner with the finest suppliers and curate the freshest meals to create meals that are both nutritious and tasty. Contact us today to learn more about our complete menu and service options.

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