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Nutri-Sustain Pack 3 Booking

Nutri-Sustain Pack 3 Booking

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Nutri-Sustain Packs are the nimble supply packages that provide food, drinks and snacks supply and resupply to our islandwide vending machines. These packs are optimised to deliver maximim nutrition at competitive prices and even minimise food wastage. 


You can be a part of the Nutri-Sustain Pack movement, by subscribing to a pack (1 month or 3 months supply) - you pick your payout month (based on availability of machines), make the subscription payment required and receive a confirmation email. 


Here's the cool part, once you pack for the designated month and machine is used, Nutri-Buddy pays your:


(1) principal input of $1800 for 3 months

(2) with a bonus of $300 ($100 for each of the 3 months subscription)

(3) Total $2100 paid within 14 days of pack completion. 


You gain $100 fixed bonus per month for the pack while we used the capital to make nutrition in ready to eat everyday meals reach the nooks and crannies of Singapore. 

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